Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home: FLOR Tiles

If you're a new reader... you may not know that...

I'm moving soon!

And something I know I will need for my front entry room (wow, an entry ROOM!) is a rug.

I have all hardwood floors throughout the house, so I will definitely need something to keep the floors warm during the bitter Oklahoma winter.

The idea is, in a nutshell, to "make your own floor."

Your options? Dozens of carpet squares in every pattern, texture and color.

Depending on how big a carpet you want... you design a number of squares and then they all snap together to make a ready-made rug.

AND... you can switch it all up anytime you want!

Since I'm envisioning a purple & green color scheme in my entry room, I'm sort of in love with the purple square above and the floral square, too.

The website allows you to enter the dimensions of the rug you want- I entered 4 feet wide, 6 feet long- which gave me 12 squares to work with.

Check out the website! What are your favorite carpet square designs? Would you build one of these for your own home?

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