Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home: Going Global

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

After a little karaoke last night (no singing for me, just judging my co-workers!) I am having a laid back Saturday

I checked out The Vintage Pearl's new Tulsa store. If you live nearby, you should definitely go browsing! If not, click the link to see their adorable website full of goodies.

I also did a little vintage/antique shopping and found some CUTE finds for an upcoming baby shower. Check back tomorrow for more details!

But today...

I'm going global.

I love traveling and I find myself drawn to travel "memorabilia"- from postcards and posters to maps and pictures.
And, in my new house- I'm thinking my guest room/office may have a travel "theme" to it.

Some of my favorite Spain pictures are currently in my apartment living room. I visited seven cities and picked one picture from each city to blow up in black and white and frame.

Technically, there are 8 pictures hanging. Granada, oh wonderful Granada, got two.

The other three picutres not shown are in my dining area, and I'm thinking about putting all 8 in the office.

I also love this map print of NYC found at Made By Girl. It's a little edgy, which I like.
I also love the idea of putting a few globes in there. This adorable desk set-up is brought to you by Cupcakes and Cashmere.

And Ashley Ann Photography has a few globes in her kitchen.

I saw one today at the antique store, and I'm already regretting not buying it.
What is your office "theme" or style?

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