Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home Address Stamps

As I announced a few days ago....

I made an offer on a house!

Of course, now there are visions of decorating & house-warming parties dancing through my head.

But, as a self-proclaimed lover of "paper"... there are a few other things on my mind.

Like sending out my first Christmas card from my first home!

In fact, I can't wait to send any piece of mail from my new address.

So, that's why I definitely need a home address stamp from the Purple Lemon shop on Etsy.

I love this monogrammed one.  Although... my monogram is LOL!  :)

 The swirly design on this one is so cute.

This one is my favorite at the moment.  I would love to put a little bird or birdcage in the middle... since that's become my "signature" icon lately.

Check out the shop!  Which one is your favorite?

Girls, beware:  this will probably be your Christmas present this year!


  1. I was just about to go buy one of these!

  2. aren't they so cute?! don't buy it. I will probably get you one for Christmas, lol!


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