Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bridal Showers

I know you've all been waiting for days... so here is the long-awaited bridal shower post!

If you've been reading, you will know that I am throwing a baby shower, a bridal shower & a bachelorette party, all in the very near future. You can read my baby shower post here and check out a few tips on planning the best baby shower here.

I've only thrown one baby shower. One GREAT baby shower. But, i've thrown lots of bridal showers.

So, now... it's time for brides. I may have done this backwards, if we're going with the whole "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage" thing. But- why be conventional? :)

Shower Idea #1: Cutesy-Local-Restaurant Luncheon Shower

Here we are, the terrible trio from college, in all of our 22 year-old-glory. Yes! That's Brittany from The Leengo on the right. The bride, Heather, is in the middle.
This shower was your classic luncheon shower. We hosted it at a restaurant in Norman called Fancy That- if you've never been, go immediately! We had a delicious array of snacks and desserts. It's the perfect shower location if you're going for a "classy" feel- and Heather is a very classy girl. Plus- BONUS- there's no clean-up at the end!
Shower Idea #2: Lingerie Shower

Brittany got married just a few short weeks after Heather's wedding- and we went PG-13 for her shower. Lingerie! That's always a winner with a big group of girls who have fun being silly and know each other pretty well.

We had amazing desserts at this shower too. (No wonder my bridesmaids dresses are always too tight.) Petit fours with lingerie on them, cookies with Brittany's new married initials. YUM.

Shower Idea #3: Around-The-Clock Shower

For my friend Jes's shower, we hosted it at my parents house. I love a nice table set-up. We based our entire color scheme off of a napkin of the "fab five." Isn't the pink & green cake adorable?!
Our theme was "around-the-house"- so each guest was assigned a time of day, and picked something from their registery that was relevant to that time. 9am? The waffle maker. 2pm? Wine glasses. I kid- that's more like 4:30pm. 10pm? Bedding. Or a silky- yeah, we'll just stick with bedding.

IMPORTANT SIDEBAR: Always treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage when hosting a shower.
Shower Idea #4: Kitchen Shower

At Natalie's shower, we used the front table as the go-to, catch-all table. Nametags, gifts, party favors all went on this table. Since it was a kitchen shower, we included a cute recipe card in each invitation for guests to fill out. Then, we put them all in a recipe box.

IMPORTANT SIDEBAR #2: Utilize technology to skype in your friend who lives in Germany.

I tried to do a spin on the ol' diaper cake with this "kitchen-linen" cake. Natalie registered for the blue & white kitchen towels- so I rolled a few up and made them into a cake. The coasters she registered for were discontinued, so we picked out new ones with an "A"- for her new last name.

Whew! There you go. Shower ideas galore. If you need more tips- feel free to click right here.
We've now covered babies... brides... next up: bachelorettes.
And oh, will it be good.
Happy Planning,


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