Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome, Guest Bloggers!

For those of you who so kindly read my ramblings, you remember that tomorrow starts the beginning of a very busy two-week period at work. We will be broadcasting, dawn to dusk, on http://www.auctionnetwork.com/. (Um, I can give shout-outs to my company if I want!) :)
So, I'm letting go. And by that, I mean giving my Type-A, controlling self a (small) break. I have acknowledged that I will be up to my eyeballs in scripts and videos with little time to do this blog justice.
I have asked some of my best ladies to post on my behalf here at the Lounge. They will be posting on topics ranging from fitness and travel to weddings! A little something for everyone.
Kind of like a really good buffet. Or a mixed drink.
So, eat and drink, my friends! Check in daily to see what delicious tidbits we're offering.
This week, we're kicking things off with... (drum roll, please...).... TRAVEL!
So, dig up your passport, pack your tote, and lets travel the country in the eyes of my gals.
Tune in tomorrow for a post from this lovely girl and her travel partner....

..... any ideas what the post may be about?

Happy Trails,

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