Friday, March 26, 2010

Guest Blog #5: Barcelona

Guest Blogger #5:  Jes Bannasch

Did anyone else see that Woody Allen movie Vicky. Cristina. Barcelona. that came a few years ago? Well, seeing the film left my husband and I inspired to visit over our last four day weekend. While its sights are not as famous as, say, Rome or Paris, here are

 5 great reasons to

 visit Barcelona:

 1. Parc Guell

If you haven’t heard the name “Gaudi” yet, you’ll be quite familiar with this moderisme architect after a day in Barcelona. The park, originally intended as a private housing estate, sits on a hillside above Barcelona and has some of the coolest stuff in a park I have ever seen!  Don’t miss it!

 2. La Sagrada Familia

Another Gaudi masterpiece, this church has been under construction for the past hundred years and isn’t projected to be finished until the year 2030. It’s facades and forest-like interior leave you inspired. Two of the towers, which offer stunning views of the city and spires, even have elevator lifts! How perfect for a pregnant lady. La Sagrada Familia definitely makes the list for most memorable churches.

 3. Tapas and sangria

I love tapas and I love sangria, and Barcelona has them both!  The sangria was some of the tastiest I’d ever tasted (and unfortunately, I do literally only mean tasted). What a fun way to spend a gorgeous afternoon… sitting on the pier of the Mediterranean with tapas and sangria…

 4. Roman ruins

Barcelona’s history museum houses one of the largest collections of Roman ruins in all the world. Pretty cool to behold 2000+ year old things, if you ask me. Here are leftover ruins from the original wall and towers that protected the settlement of the city of Barcino.


5. The fountains and cascades on Montjuic

While similar to the fountain show at the Bellagio in Vegas, this one just happens to be atop a hillside offering beautiful views of Barcelona and the lit up National Art Museum of Catalunya. In the springtime, you can see it Friday and Saturday nights on the half hours from 7-9 PM. A perfect conclusion to a wonderful day.

 What a gem of a city!

-Thanks, Jes!  As a former traveler in Barcelona, I can attest that all of these places are fabulous sites to see!

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