Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shower Central

This is Lindsay, reporting from Shower Central. I have- count 'em- THREE showers currently on my plate. But, don't get me wrong- there are few things in life I love more than planning a good party. And from babies to bachelorettes, I'm currently scouring the web for unique and fabulous ways to celebrate my friends' major life events.

Here are some things I'm absolutely loving at the moment:


Swaddles from Aden + Anais. Aren't these precious? I like the motto- "made for baby. designed for you." I know new moms don't like to forgo fashion for function when it comes to baby- so these are a perfect solution. These may show up at a shower or two. :)

... and isn't this cake perfect for a baby shower? A very talented girl I went to high school with makes these incredible sugar concoctions over at Black Flour.

Bridal Shower:

This precious coffee cup sleeve, found over at mpresscards. Scroll down two or three posts until you see the coffee sleeve. You all know I love coffee, and the bird design added to it... fabulous!! These may also show up at a shower.

.... and aren't these personal cakes perfect for a bridal shower? Um, TIFFANY's- need I say more?!

What are your favorite go-to sites when planning a shower?


  1. Oh my word I'm in LOVE with all the cakes at Black Flour! So talented and who wouldn't love their own Tiffany box, yum!

  2. I know, how adorable are those cakes?! I'm seriously in love with them.


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