Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love Ya More Than My Luggage

I'm such a sucker for luggage.  I just got new Vera Bradley luggage two Christmases ago, so there's no chance I'm getting new luggage for a while.  But... I'm totally loving Jessica Simpson's new collection.

Tell me this isn't adorable.  I love the blue & white stripes, very nautical-looking and springy.  (Is springy a word?)

Speaking of blue and white stripes...

... isn't this bedding adorable?  And with the bird pillows.... wow.  Need it.  Now.

And over on my friend Allison's blog, these.

They just scream, "springy!" (Yes, it's a word now.)

What are you loving for Spring?


  1. Springy I love it and you can guarantee it will now be a part of my vocabulary!

  2. This post made me want new luggage! Sadly, I think my leopard print duffle & matching rolling suitcase scream "2000" which coincidentally is when I got them. Maybe I'll grow up and move on to stripes. This girl's gotta have her prints. You never know who might pick up your suitcase at the airport.


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