Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guest Blog #4: Get Fit

Guest Blogger #4:  Alison O'Donnell (on the right!)

Everybody has some kind of incentive to go to the gym; for some it may be a beach trip you are planning this summer, or maybe you have a wedding or bridesmaids dress to fit into, or maybe you are determined that this is the year you will be that size 2 you know you were meant to be.

 For me, it’s a man. 

Most of you are probably thinking I am trying to get a boy to notice me... but the plain simple truth is, I have a "LA Fitness Romance." There is a young, hot, trainer at the gym that I literally go EVERYDAY to the gym for. I don’t really like to work-out. I've never been one of those people who get the "runners high" or whatever. But for those people that know me, if a hot guy is involved... I am bound to do just about anything. 

Now you also might think that this is a "gym romance" where a lot of interaction is involved. That we whisper sweet, sweaty nothings in each others ears or we have random make out sessions in the locker room. Well you would be dead wrong. In fact, we have never met and have never spoken one word to each other. The only contact we have had is when we catch ourselves looking at one another from across the gym. 

It’s childish, I realize this. Talking to him would make my week, no my five months that I've been dedicated to going, so what’s holding me back?? I don’t make the first move EVER. I don’t believe in it and as much as i want to run up to him and say "actions DONT speak louder than words," I’m old fashioned and believe that God gave guys a special ability that enables them to talk to a girl first.  I will NOT budge. The only thing that I have actually gotten from this experience is a little bit of weight loss; which in my mind doesn't even matter if a boy won’t talk to you....

 ANYWAYS..Lindsay told me to write about working out so this is all I got. If you haven't tried spin, definitely do it and if you don’t have an incentive to go to the gym...get a "gym romance."

 Lindsay's lovely and lucky in "LA" love little sister,


 Thanks, Ali!  (Even though I think you look hot, whether a guy notices or not!)  


  1. Ali, you just made my day! You can always make me laugh! I hope he makes his move soon! He has no idea what he is missing!

  2. Ali, I think you should plot a tragic fall on the treadmill. Nothing like a catastrophic nose dive to get this "trainer" to come running. Just "accidentally" forget to tie your shoe one day and hop on.. lol.

  3. LOL you guys are funny. I asked her to take "undercover" pictures of this guy... but she chickened out. :)

  4. Ali, I am laughing so hard! I agree with Leah, plot something so he "has" to help you.

    Hope he talks to you soon, perhaps you should drop a piece of paper close to him with Lindsays blog site on it; then he can read it and see what he is missing!


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