Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back In The Game

May started off as a bumpy month. My time at Auction Network came to a close, and I was left wondering what was going to come next.

Fortunately, that uncertainty lasted only a short week before the next opportunity came along.

And so May became a month of new beginnings. A new job, a "new normal."

For a girl who doesn't love change, the transition could not have been smoother. It was the right time for a change. Doesn't that make all the difference?

I'm loving the "new normal"- and the hours that come with it. I have time back. Time to run real errands. The bank! The grocery store! Time to pursue my other interests. Time for legitimate "quiet time" every day- and time to work out.

I competed in a Sprint Triathlon last Saturday- one I signed up for months ago.

When May started, I wondered how I would ever be able to complete my training in time. My life was in such transition.

But I made time.

When May started, I felt unprepared.

But as I swam and biked and ran during my race, I thought of how blessed I am. How everything happens for a reason. How strength comes in so many forms- physical, mental, spiritual.

When May started, there wasn't a lot to smile about.

And when I crossed the finish line last weekend, there was SO much to smile about.

So much can happen in a month!

And even though getting a medal at the end always feels good...

...during that race, I was happy just to be back in the game.

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