Tuesday, June 26, 2012



We all feel it at one time or another. And there's nothing like a week of never-ending heat to make the days feel monotonous.

And... in walks restlessness.

I just finished a devotional I love- called "Desire" by John Eldredge.

I love John Eldredge devotionals- because he speaks so truly about the male and female heart. Not about our prayer life, not about our "duty" as Christians- but about our hearts. And he brings it all into perspective with the Bible- but with a mix of literature references and poetry, too.

Basically- he's a writer who talks a lot about the heart, and it all speaks right into this writer's heart.


Anyway, I recommend it to everyone. He addresses everything from letting our desires get away from us- to squashing our desires altogether- to feeling restless. And finding a good balance in all of it.

I think everyone is programmed to deal with that restlessness in different ways. For me, it comes full circle and always ends up with me needing an adventure or a challenge.

Since traveling is my first choice- and not always the most reasonable/affordable one- I think that's where my love of fitness comes in.

I may have *accidently* signed up for a sprint triahtlon that I knew nothing about- only that it was nearby.

And after hitting submit, realized- it's a lake swim (my first) that's nearly double what I've raced in the past (ahem. WHAT?!)

The moral of the story is this: due to my restless heart, I have now signed up for the hardest sprint triathlon yet.

And now, in the hottest dog days of summer, I must train for said triathlon.

I don't think this is what John meant when he talked about finding "balance."

Restless heart syndrome! It makes a girl do crazy things. Take caution.

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