Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friends For Life

My friend Hilary gets married... two weeks from now!

I can't believe it.

This will be the fifth wedding I've been honored to be a part of- but this one is pretty special in the sense that I've known Hilary so very long. 

We've been friends since 5th grade. Isn't it amazing, sharing that much life with someone? Knowing them inside and out- no matter how many years go by?

We've traveled everywhere together. School trips to New York City and Orlando. Church camp in Boulder. Family vacation in Hawaii. Mission trip in Juarez. Lake house trips.

Which made this lake house bachelorette party last weekend very fitting!

We've been loyal members of the "Fab Five" for what feels like five decades, but really since we were 16. Here's Lauren- also a fab-fiver- me, and Hilary!

We've performed in talent shows together, played on a softball team together ("played" is a loose term, at least for me; more like "failed at" softball!) We danced together, played in band together.

And we've certainly done enough laughing together.

As in, pee-your-pants-in-public laughing.

I can't wait to share her big day with her.

And more than that- I'm so glad to have a friend that's been in my life so long- and will be for a long time to come!

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