Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Happy Sunday! And not just any Sunday- Father's Day!

A picture of me & my favorite (and only!) dad. I love you, dad!

It's hard living far away from your family. And even though four hours isn't too bad- it's not close enough to pop in every weekend. So birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day are always a little hard for me.

Because it's all about me! Right?  :) Have a great day Dad- I'm thinking of you all day long!

Honestly, I can't believe we're fully into summer. I'm in the mindset that "summer is around the corner"- and then I realize, it's here. Hot days, long evenings. Kids playing at the splash pad, the constant music of ice cream trucks.

As I get older, I embrace summer more and more. I used to not be an "outdoors" girl- so summer was just my least favorite time of year.

Now that I embrace the outdoors more- hey, I've been camping once, remember?!- I appreciate it much more.

Biking & running for long distances gives me a greater appreciation for my outdoor surroundings.

And even though the day to day grind is the same in the summer when you're an adult- there's still something carefree about summer that you just can't beat.

And if there's dip on your face by the pool, who cares?! I love this little gal- and her momma in the background- and spending time at the pool with them.

My friend Hilary got married last weekend- such a beautiful bride! I loved flying in, getting manicures & pedicures, having a delicious lunch, getting hair and make-up done, and standing next to her at the alter as she said her vows. Such a special summer day.

Maizy loves summer. I roll up the blinds in the living room so she can bask in the sunlight. This is her favorite perch- on top of the couch. Such a big girl! This time last year- she couldn't jump onto the couch, much less sprawl on top of it like she's queen of the jungle. Such a love bug.

This. You know something is delicious when you're already excited about tomorrow- a Monday, of all days!- so you can make it again. This is a kale/spinach/almond milk/banana/peanut butter smoothie, a la Joy The Baker. The perfect summer smoothie. It rocked my world- especially after a near-fainting on the bike this morning. Healthy, sweet, nutritious, filling, yummy. Make it, asap.

If you're a fan of fall, a siren of spring or just wistful about winter, let it go! Grab onto summer and just embrace it. The sunshine, the warmth, the memories, the smoothies- it's all good.

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