Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glittery Day

Do you ever have those days where you wake up- and everything just looks different? Today I feel that way- in a really good way.

I'm re-noticing all of the little things about my house I love. My short drive to the bank made me appreciate my little neck of the woods- people having breakfast at Brookside By Day, folks watering their lawns.

There are days I wake up and the impact of this great life I'm living- just hits me! The daily grind stops for a minute- and I just soak in the big picture.

It could be because it's Saturday- and duh, who doesn't feel great on Saturday?!

It could be because this weekend is a short reprieve from "the busy"- no big plans- and the next two weekends are jam-packed with fun, fun fun.

It could be I'm just happy. I feel like I turned a corner at FOX this week. I speak up more, interact more. I have a solid handle on my show. I enjoy it.

It could be because no matter how the roads change up on me- I am surrounded by great friends and family, the kind that stick around no matter what.

Yeah, everything looks a little different today- a little shiny, a little glittery.

In fact, I think it probably looks like that everyday. Some days- it's just easier to see!

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