Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Saturday!

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone had a great week. Mine was... exceptionally busy! I think, as a rule, when it's 100+ degrees outside... weeks shouldn't be busy. But, alas, mine was. I was at work for early auction broadcasts all week; kept up my training for the triathlon in the bazillion degree heat; and finally saw Harry Potter! Which exceeded ALL my expectations.

I just may have to celebrate the end of this week with some Prosecco pops! Seriously... how good (and refreshing!) does this look?! Popsicles... with Prosecco poured on top. Sign me up. Thank you for the idea, Better Homes & Gardens.

This week will be less busy- at least, I hope! We will wrap up auction broadcasts at Auction Network. Tulsa+ is on Thursday! (Tulsans, please come... you won't regret it! Some amazing acts on tap, plus food & alcohol. Seriously?!) And then it's just one more week until the much-anticipated San Diego trip!

Enjoy your weekend... stay cool with a Prosecco Pop or two. I know I will!

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