Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Day In The Life

Owning a home is no joke.

The lawn needs to be mowed.

Bugs need to be killed.

Bills need to be paid.

Ok, so I don't mow my own lawn- and I'm forever indebted to the person who does.

I do kill my own bugs!

The fact is, owning a home- no, being an adult- is no joke.

There are seriously times I can't believe how quickly we transition from 8th graders passing notes in class to 16 year olds with a drivers license to college freshman. And then from college, we're launched into the "real world" with jobs and responsibilities and we buy our first car. And suddenly, we're 27. With a mortgage. And a busy career. And even more bills. And still that pesky car payment.

And ants!! So many of them, in the kitchen!

Being an adult, and an adult who owns a home, is a lot of work.

There are nights I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish I had a man around the house who could spray for bugs and hammer things with perfect precision on the walls (because all guys inately have that skill, yes?) and just hang out on the couch with me to watch Pretty Little Liars.

But in the morning, I'll get up and go for a run. I'll take care of my kitten and review my recent stragetic advances in the war against the ants. I'll make a cup of coffee and get in that car I continue to make payments on- but only for a year more. I'll shut the garage of my house- yes, my very own house- and as I pull out of the driveway, as I do every morning, I'll glance back at the house and think to myself... girl, you've got it so good.

Someday there will be someone to take care of the ant problem. But today, I'm perfectly capable of dealing with it on my own.


  1. so proud of you Lindsay! really - so proud.

  2. You are so sweet with your comments Abi- I'm seriously proud of YOU and thinking of you before the birth of Liam! :)

  3. James would never watch pretty little liars with me....LOL! I am proud of that fact that you now deal with bugs instead of holding them hostage under cups...then again I don't think this would work with ants! Love you;)


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