Monday, July 18, 2011

A Quick Update

Another week has come and gone! Lately, I'm loving each passing day. I think summer- even record-breaking 100+ degree summer days- make me happy and positive. But then again, I think fall does that, too. And a good Spring thunderstorm. And hot chocolate + Bailey's in the winter.

Well, ok. Every season has it's perks. But summer! There's something so refreshing about sprinklers running, the River trails full of joggers and bikers.

Speaking of jogging and biking- now for my updates of the week!

The first being- I will attempt my first triathlon at the end of August. Yes, I know, insane. I will swim, bike & run. I'm nervous, but I feel like it will prepare me really well for the Tulsa Run (15k) at the end of October.

Next update: I had a great visit from my mom this past weekend! We painted my guest room (pics to come) and took care of my ant problem from last week once and for all.

I also lined up my schedule for the BlogHer conference in just 2.5 weeks! We've turned it into a girls trip, so my mom & sister are coming to. I can't WAIT for beach time, dinner & drinks, and of course the conference!

Whew... that's it for me, for now! Just a quick pop-in. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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