Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battling The Blaze

I'm back!

Well, I finally have Internet again, that is. It's been a nice break- coming home from work with nothing to do but read... or, let's be real, watch Housewives. But I'm glad to be back in the land of technology- and most importantly, blogging!

I feel like I'm walking into a fire right now. (And no, it's not because it's 100+ degrees outside!) I'm battling blazes and extinguishing anxiety left and right. Partly because of what I blogged about last week- the whole "where I was a year ago" thing. And partly because after this month, a whole new chapter begins. A chapter where life a year ago was on the upswing instead of a downturn. When I say "last July"... it will mean this past month. A wonderful month, instead of the hurts and dissapointments of July of 2010. It will mean a whole year has cycled through. A year of growth and healing.

So what does the next year hold? What will July 2012 look like? For the first time in a long time, I'm so excited to wait and see and let change, and life, surprise me.

But I already know my dreams are bigger. My expectations are higher. My heart is more open than ever. So no matter what, it's going to be ok. No, better than ok.

The fires are dying, the anxiety is blowing away- smoke in the wind.

Now, if only we could do something about this Oklahoma heat!

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