Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspiration Wall

I'm exhausted.

The last time I moved, I was 22... fresh out of college... and moving into my first apartment.

Four years later, the whole process seems a bit more exhausting than before.

But, the move is underway! And I'm so blessed with parents who are here to help every step of the way.

I'm slowly starting to get a "vision" for my new place, and one thing that's a must is an inspiration wall.

I've been seeing them pop up in some of my favorite design blogs. A section of wall where all of your "favorites" are grouped together.

This inspiration wall can be found over at Ashley Ann Photography. I loved how she grouped together pictures, prints, mirrors, etc. for her daughter's nursery.

I also love this inspiration wall found via Made By Girl. Again, a mix of prints and pictures, and of course the monogram. I'm a sucker for monograms.

I'm thinking about doing an inspiration wall either in my living room or office. I love the idea of incorporating some of my favorite black and white Spain pictures, a couple of prints, a few crosses and anything else that inspires me.

What would be a part of your inspiration wall?

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