Monday, October 11, 2010

Checking In

Happy Monday!

Everyone's week off to a good start? I am VERY excited... because... it's finally move-in week!

My mom is here, and let me say... she is such a trooper. I have a very busy work schedule the next few days, and while I'm a slave to my desk.. she is cleaning, packing and organizing! I'm SO thankful.

When I got off work tonight, we took a big "haul" to the house. We packed up both of our cars, and made the trek to Brookside to unload and unpack. Things are (slooooowly) coming together!

I can't wait to have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday OFF of work so I can start putting things away and turning this house into a home! :)

And, can I just say... I can't WAIT to have my first trick-or-treaters.

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