Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Blog Identity Crisis

I'm going to be making a few (awesome) changes to my blog over the coming weeks.

Oh, you want to know what changes?

Well, first... a back story.

I've been struggling a bit to give my blog an "identity." Because, I'm not a professional, paid blogger. I'm not promoting a business. And I'm not a mommy blogger- which is HUGE, by the way. I don't have a story of triumph, or loss. In a few words: I'm just a regular gal who likes to write.

So, finding a niche has been trying. And, my Type-A personality really needs, craves, a niche. A place. A nice little folder I can tuck this blog into.

But, life isn't always so easy to tuck into a little labeled folder. So, I've just had to go with the flow on this whole blogging thing.

I've read a lot of blogs. And the ones I always come back to revolve around travel... fashion... food... and parties. Lots and lots of parties.

In fact, I throw quite a few parties myself... usually of the baby/bridal shower kind. Parties that include food, and cute shoes, and maybe an out-of-town adventure.

But I don't want to limit myself to this niche. So... that's where the blog changes come in.

There's going to be a special place you can click to read about all things "party" related... from themes to thank-you gifts, quiches to cocktails... you name it, I'll write about it.

I'm SO excited about this new feature- because it makes my put-things-in-their-place heart happy... and because it will allow me to still post rambling ramblings like this whenever the need arises.

So, stay tuned! I seriously can't wait to debut this new feature and kick into party-planning mode.


  1. I know how you feel about not having a blog identity! I'm just a normal girl who likes to write as well! Your blog is so cute and I cant wait for your new feature! :)
    -Kathleen Alfano

  2. Thanks so much, Kathleen! Yes, I can't wait to try out this new feature... so I can still do my "regular" blogging... but also blog about fun party stuff, too! :) Just became a follower of your blog- so cute!


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