Monday, July 26, 2010

Priorities Revisited

Ok, so I think I'm figuring it out.  Getting my priorities in order... slowly but surely.

Do you ever feel like you just need to slow down... re-evaluate what's important?  What to focus your time and energy on?

I had one of those moments last week.  So... after lots of thinking, lots of praying for stillness and quiet, and lots of naps this weekend (yes, I strongly believe naps are therapeutic)... I have...


Yes, plans are probably half of my problem with priorities.  I plan too much.. and get overwhelmed.

But this is a plan to stay underwhelmed.

So, the plan starts with.... me.

Commit to going to church. Work out frequently.  Eat better.  Try to look cute a couple of times a week.  

And, then it moves from me... to you.

Blog often. (Because it makes me happy.)  Spend time with Toby.  Make more time for phone dates, coffee dates, real dates with Bryan.  Drive to Plano more just because.

And, from there, everything else falls into place.  Because the rest is just that... the rest.

Work manageable hours.  Stay away from drama.  Ease up on the self-guilt.

So, that's the plan.  And, you wouldn't believe how much better I already feel.

What's your "plan" for prioritizing?

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