Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 10

4th of July 2010: Top 10 Favorite Moments

1) Arriving at the lake late Thursday night

2) Finding a cute candle centerpiece in Canton

3) Waking up Saturday morning to find my boyfriend (who "couldn't make it") having coffee with my parents 

4)  Unplugging all weekend

5) Swimming in the pouring rain with the family

6)  Watching my brother lose his pants and shred his boxers while trying out the new tube (they're now hanging on the mantle forevermore.)

7)  Getting up on the wakeboard.... SECOND try.

8)  Food, food & more food
Bean dip, salsa, olive cheese bread, bbq EVERYTHING, fruit salad, and on and on...

9) Fireworks Saturday night over the lake

10) MUCH-needed R & R

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