Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm figuring them out- priorities, that is. Well, it's less that I'm figuring them out... and more that I'm being forced to contemplate my priorities.

And, it's a good thing. I think we should all be pushed every now and then to figure out what's worth fighting for... and what's not worth fighting for.

I know what matters to me. But if you don't hold it closely and make it a priority, other things take it's place.

So, that's where I'm at. My top priorities feel very low on the totem poll... while I devote all of my hours to something that shouldn't be worth all of the energy, stress.

I'm overwhelmed, plain and simple. Life snuck up on me and got a little too complicated. And, at the end of the day- I'm happiest when it's simple. A clean apartment. A sweet purr.

I started this week with Psalm 46:10 ingrained in my brain, and I've been chanting it in my head all week like a mantra... "Be still, and know that I am God."

I guess the Lord knew I needed that verse in particular right now. How absolutely amazing.

I'm working on it. Scratch that- I will work on it. Tonight, I cried about it. But, as my dad said, these are times to pull from your inner strength. And, as my mom says, make a plan.

So, I'm pulling on my inner strength and planning and plotting and prioritizing.

Tonight, instead of relaxing with a glass of wine or losing my thoughts in The City... I took a bubble bath. I didn't even turn on my TV. I played with my cat. And now I'm curled up in bed in an oversized T-shirt.

That's a good start, right?

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