Thursday, April 8, 2010

Virtual Vacation

I love to travel. Have I mentioned that before? It brings me such joy to arrive at a new place, explore the sights and sounds.
The first 9 months I worked at my company, we traveled... a LOT. Seattle in the fall, Massachusettes in the early winter, Los Angeles in the winter and spring. We broadcast our auctions all over.
And, as Production Coordinator, my job was always the same.
-Count our equipment suitcases. (long and skinny, big and black. They all had names.)
-Make sure they all made it onto the rolling belt at the airport. (Not left on the curb. Oops.)
-Print our flight information. (Just call me Mom.)
-Google maps from the airport to the hotel. (This was pre-iphone mania.)
-Book the rental car. (Ford Edge, you rock.)
-Reserve the hotel rooms. (Ohhh, the hotels. That could be a post in itself.)
-Keep track of our petty spending cash. (Yes, that "missing" $5 matters.)
WHEW! Exhausting, huh? Sometimes for as many as 20 people.
But, I loved it. I loved not only the sense of accomplishment I felt planning these trips, but arriving. Finding coffee shops in the morning. Using every spare, non-work moment to explore. Building friendships with my co-workers you only forge when you're on the road.
And trust me, there are things you learn about people on the road.
The past week, my travel itch has flared, once again. We don't travel much for work anymore- and I haven't been on an actual vacation in a year and a half. So, i'm remembering those days, where un-packing my suitcase was only necessary in order to do laundry and re-pack.
So, lets share our travels! Over the next week or so, I'll be sharing my travels with you. Take a virtual vacation with me! Write about your own travels, and post a link below. Share your favorite sites, restaurants, coffee shops and more.
But leave out the stories about your co-workers odd habits on the road. If only we could all forget. :)

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