Monday, April 26, 2010

She Returns

I know, I know... I've been MIA.  Missing.  Gone.  Silent.  

But, not really!  There have been MANY things going on over the past week.  So, instead of bore you with my life story- lets take a photo tour, shall we?

Yesterday, I celebrated 2 years with him.  This is us, playing putt putt- which is what we did on a date 2 years ago when he asked me to break up with my imaginary boyfriend named Greg and only date him.

Sweet, huh?

It takes a patient man to share his golf ball with me after I sunk mine in the murky waters of All Star's golf course on.... hold your laughter, please.... Hole 2.  :)  Happy 2 years, my love!

Second, I've been involved in a little something I like to call "Live from the Lawn."  You know, that online broadcast that consumes the last two weeks of every month?  We've actually been rocking the house this week, selling up to 25% of our inventory online every day.  Watch now!

***This wacky attempt at a public service announcement was NOT brought to you or condoned by Auction Network.***

Third, I will get to spend lots of time with these two girls this week- Brittany & Heather.  My college girls!  I can't wait for some quality time with them!  And of course, that tiny, wonderful little boy she's holding in her arms.....

.... who now looks like this.  He's a big boy now, almost 16 months.  Stop growing, Cooper!  I mean it!  Right now!

It's all for the wedding of Belinda!  (She's second from the right.)  I'm sure her wedding will be a bit classier than my 25th birthday and we'll sip champagne from glasses, NOT straws.

So, that's me!  I should have many more pictures to share after this week/weekend.  I also have NOT forgotten about that little.... ahem, GIVEAWAY.... I mentioned last week.  

Oh, there will be a giveaway.  And you will tell your friends about it, and everyone will get a chance to win something wonderful that is not an iPad.

Happy Monday!

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