Tuesday, April 13, 2010


What a word. It can be so negative. I sometimes feel like fear means you don't trust that God's outcome is the right one. Or that something will happen out of your control.


Fear makes it hard to breathe, like a weight pressing down on your chest. My fears have seemed to bubble to the surface lately, and it makes me uncomfortable. One, because I feel like I'm not giving God enough credit to take the reigns with my life. And, two, because I feel helpless, and not in control. (I'm a tad Type-A, if we haven't established that yet.)

Have faith.

It's really an exercise in faith, to release your fears. I guess it's a matter of knowing God made you strong enough to handle anything, because He's on your side.

Be strong.

I don't always want to be strong. And, there's something really freeing about that. Knowing you don't always have to have things under control and going just your way. You don't have to be the strong one.

Let go.

It's hard to let go. I obsess and dwell and think, think, think. I hold everything tightly and wear it on my sleeve.

Be still.

And eventually, the fear evaporates. What a beautiful thing.

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  1. You have a quite a way with word my friend! LOVE this post....and you:)


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