Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Like It, Love It, Need It

You know Violet, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  Well, I feel like her today. 

Daddy, I want a gumdrop.  Daddy, I want chocolate. Daddy, I want everything at Anthropologie."

All of that said in a british accent, natch.

Anyways, I WANT.  A lot of things today.  I am totally in love with everything at Anthropologie right now.  So... lets play a game of like it, love it, need it.

Item #1:  Like it.  I just love the mossy green color- so spring.  And it can easily transition into fall, worn over a long-sleeved shirt.  Something in the mocha family.  I can also see it being tossed on over a swimsuit this summer.  It's adorable and practical- but for today, it's just a like. 

Item #2:  Like it.  I love the color and the waist on this little dress.  I also love that it could easily be worn with a pair of bedazzled flip flops for a casual look... or dressed up with heels and pretty jewelry for evening.  I would wear this dress with curly hair and wedge shoes.  

Item #3:  Love it.  Ok, if you know me... you know I'm a sucker for scarves.  Heavy ones in winter, light and pretty ones for every other season.  But, I usually have a colorful piece of fabric wrapped around my neck at all times.  This one... wow.  I love it.  I love the bright cheeriness of it, and that I can spice up a boring black dress with it.  I could even wear my new yellow Toms with it.  Love. It.  This could easily fall into the "need it" category someday soon.  Like, tomorrow.

Item #4:  Leed It.  Or Nove it.  Basically, I love this, and I need this.  But mainly, I love this. It's cute, it's comfy, it has pockets.  It was made for me.  The only thing holding me back... the color.  Corals don't tend to do much for pale-skinned red-heads.  But, I'm willing to be proven wrong on this.  This is right on the line for me.  I would wear this with leather strappy shoes, and some cool beaded necklaces.  Hair, curly.  Uh oh, I've talked myself into it.  I need it.

Item #5:  Need it.  Absolutely, 100% need it.  I love that it's somewhat casual, but can easily be dressed up.  It has structure, so it can be worn to a formal wedding.  But it's loose-flowing... so I can throw on some flip flops and breeze out the door.  I would wear this with a stack of bracelets on my arm, and a pair of great shoes.  Need it.

Item #6:  Need it.  It's fun, it's frilly.  It will dress up nicely this summer for the never-ending wedding season, but also transition into fall perfectly.  I can put on a pair of tights and a small jacket and head out the door.

What clothes are you crushing on right now?  What are your likes, loves and needs?  


  1. Cute blog! Just found you through Fabulous k :)

  2. Thanks for the follow, Jen! I'm glad you like it!


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