Sunday, April 18, 2010

Showers & A Shower

Happy Sunday morning! It's raining here today- kind of refreshing, in my opinion. Kind of like God is renewing everything, and giving us a fresh start for the week.

I've been doing a lot of "refreshing" and "renewing" in my walk with the Lord over the past couple of weeks. One of the biggest things I've (re-)learned (hey, sometimes God needs to remind us!) is how important it is to let God have the reigns in your life. If we turn it all over to him, good and bad, he reveals so many things to us. I'm especially thankful for what I've been reminded of. :) A great day to give thanks!

Speaking of giving thanks... you will ALL be giving thanks to me in a couple of days! (LOL... does this statement discredit everything I just wrote in the other two paragraphs?!) I am doing my first GIVEAWAY here at the Lounge! It's nothing major (no iPads here, folks) but it's something I think you guys will like. So, check back in mid-week! (How's THAT for a tease?)

Finally, my lovely friend Leah is getting married in just 3 short months, and yesterday, she had her first shower. I left my camera in Plano over Easter, so I brought along by Sony Bloggie to take pictures- and they turned out great! Very impressed.
Leah & some of her loot! (By the way, check out the view behind her!)
The shower was in Okmulgee, and most of the gifts were from The Dowry. They wrap all of the gifts in clear celophane, so there is no "opening" of the gifts- you just walk around and see what the bride registered for! Great idea, huh?
Leah had her bridal portraits taken this past week, and this was her bouquet. (Her loose theme is peacock feathers.)
Cute petit fours with an L and H for Leah & Heath.
Leah and her hostesses! These women are apparently THE shower-throwers of Okmulgee. It was certainly a great party!
Oh yeah, one more thing. Our bride-to-be had a slight mishap on the way to the shower.... take a look. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. that I see the pics, I actually luv the idea of the "presenting of the gifts!" I'm surprised that Plano hasn't embraced this yet!!:)) Happy Sunday to you!
    Luv, Mom


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