Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Seester

Ah, my sister. Ever since we were little, she's been up for whatever crazy plot I had in mind.

When I wanted to play teacher, she sat through endless hours of "school."

Ali: I don't want to play anymore.
Me: School isn't over, and NO you can't go to recess.

When I wanted to fix her hair, she let me curl and brush and pin to my heart's content.

Ali: What are those huge bumps in my hair?
Me: Those are beauty bumps, everyone has them. Now go show your friends.

When we played Barbies, she... was probably freaked out.

Ali: Why is your Barbie kissing my Ken? He's married to my Barbie.
Lindsay: They're having an affair.

She built pillow houses with me, played dress up with me, sang songs I wrote and performed dance routines I made up.

In summary, she's put up with a lot of her big sister over the years. And I love her more than words can say, for that reason... and a thousand others.

And even though we have out-grown barbies and dress up... she still plays along with my craziness.

If you need any proof, here it is. Crazy and her baby sister, and their finest.

I love you, pookie!

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