Sunday, January 31, 2010


Last year... I was in LA during Grammy's weekend. I presented the award for best male pop vocal. I wore a Dior gown and Manolo's, and everyone told me I should have won for best female pop vocal.

Ok, so I didn't present an award.

And, fine- I wasn't up for an award either. But I SHOULD have been.

I blame my bitterness on my failed attempt at stardom at the tender age of 3. Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo doesn't know what it missed out on.

But, I WAS in LA during the Grammy's weekend last year.

My company was broadcasting a Grammy's charity auction live on our website... giving people around the globe a chance to bid on hollywood memorabilia- from signed guitars to a Britney Spears costume.

See? There's me! In the background! I was there!

We worked on this auction for days, weeks, months- making sure the catalogs were correct, lining up talent and production crews. And in the days leading up to the event, we arrived in LA to set the stage. Turned out ok, eh?

Oh, and the auction was a success, too.

Too bad my award acceptance speech is still burning a hole in my pocket.

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