Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loungin' Around

Welcome to Lindsay's Lounge! I've decided to start this blog to not only share pictures, stories, and my day-to-day life with you... but because I love the idea of a "lounge".. a place to just chill, and write down what I feel. Sometimes it may be serious, sometimes it may make no sense... but nonetheless, it's my space to just be myself. So, welcome readers! Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and welcome to my world!

For my first post, I thought I would give you a glimpse into my life in pictures... so here we go...
My family! Mom & Dad, sister, brothers. They are the root and heart of who I am. They drive me crazy, make me worry, and make me laugh more than any 5 people i've ever known.

My love, BC. We've dated for almost 2 years! We couldn't be more different- city girl, country boy; loud and crazy, silent and steady. But I couldn't have asked for a better guy; my prayers were truly answered.

My friends. This is the fab five; we've been friends since middle school. I love these girls! They hold the key to my past and know a LOT of secrets. :) J just got married in this picture; N is getting married this summer.

My college girls. B & H were sorority sisters, college roommates... and now, lifelong friends. This is a picture of us with baby C, who turns 1 this week! How time flies.

My post-college friend, L. I'm not sure I would have made it through the long overnight shift I worked when I first moved to Tulsa without her. L is funny, fun, and full of life. She is getting married this summer, and I get to be her maid-of-honor!

And finally, this guy- Toby, the cat. He's my buddy, and my baby. He is furry, mischevious, and loves tortilla chips.

That's a quick look at me! So much more to come...

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  1. aww!! i love it! You are such a great writer! I should do something like this. Collin made his last night as well. Ill keep checking it out, so keep writing!


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