Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I read a really cute blog by a woman named Kelly- you can see her on the left side of the page as one of the blogs I follow- Kelly's Korner. Anyways- she wrote a blog tonight about "Simple Pleasures"- you know, those things in life we just take for granted every day. She listed her "simple pleasures" and encouraged us to do the same... and now, I'm passing along this idea to you! But not without listing my simple pleasures first....

Quick Trip Mocha & French Vanilla Coffee
Rain falling on the window
Fireplace fires
A sweet, purring cat- specifically, mine :)
Unexpected kisses
Playing board games
Sunday night TV
Reading (and writing) blogs
Weekly friend emails
A good book you can't put down
Phone calls from Germany
... and the list goes on....
What are your simple pleasures?

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