Monday, January 11, 2010

Exercise & Deprivation: A Perfect Pair

Like everyone else in the world, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to get back in shape. And for me, that means.... hit the pavement. Or, the treadmill... until the weather is consistently sunny and relatively warm. I have strict requirements for outside running.

Look at that happy, smiling, triumphant face. This is me, after the Tulsa Run in 2008. I think I was in my best shape ever! I ran 9.3 miles without breaking a sweat, without a sip of water, without even blinking. I came in first place.

Ok, none of that is true- except the running of the 9.3 miles. And I did run that- without stopping!

The problem is, once I stopped.... I stopped. SO- time to start running again. When I started training for the Tulsa Run, I used this Couch to 5k program; then, I moved onto the 15k training program. I'm doing that all over again. I'm already on week two... so I just have to keep going! Here's the program, in case you're interested.

Tulsa Run 2010, here I come!

So, since I'm trying to eat better, I've cut out SOME liquid calories Monday through Friday. Here are two of the victims:

Sorry, sweet tea and wine. (And soda.) See you on Saturday & Sunday.

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