Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Day in the (Southern) Life

Heeeeey, ya'llllll!

Sorry, had to start the post like that- a long, drawn-out southern drawl.

It's because...

I just got home from 5 days in the deep south, the home of the one and only Paula Deen... Atlanta, Georgia!

 I spent most of my time with these little nuggets. My best friend Heather's brother got married in the Peach State last night, and so I got to go along with my "second family" to enjoy the festivities...

... and help wrangle a 2 and a half year old and a 10 month old!

 Let me tell you... I love these kids like my own. 

 Meanwhile, back in Tulsa, my furry baby spent some quality time with her Uncle Stephen and her nanny- my mom.

I don't think she missed me too much.

There's something about stepping outside of your life for a few days and into someone else's world that gives you a brand new perspective on life. 

As someone who works a lot- and takes a lot of pride in that fact- it's hard for me to take time off.  And this was not only time away from my every day grind- run, coffee, work, dinner, bed- it was a chance to see what my best friend's every day grind is like.

Ok, fine, we squeezed in a trip to the winery, did a little shopping. Not typical "every day grind" for either of us!

But I got to see what it's like to drive with a crying child in the car seat, entertain a toddler who only wants his mommy, and have a sweet baby fall asleep in your arms.  I got to hold hands with a precious little boy in the airport and feed mouthfuls of puffs to a teething little girl. 

That's one of the things I love the most about Heather.  We live very different lives- she is married with kids, I am single. She stays at home, I work. But we step into each other's lives daily. She listens to my stories about work, about relationships. I am there for her trials and tribulations as a mom and a wife.

I love her kids with the full knowledge she will one day love mine just as much.

Tomorrow, I go back to the grind. Up early, catch-up at work, dinner, fall into bed.

Even though this wasn't a typical "vacation" by definition- it gave me a chance to step away from my life for a few days. I may not arrive tomorrow completely rested, but I will be refreshed in a whole new way.

Walking in someone else's shoes. It not only helps us lift each other's burdens, celebrate each other with more sincerity- but it makes our shoes a little easier to walk in, too.

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