Saturday, September 24, 2011

Savoring The Present

Drum roll, please...

It's finally here...

My favorite season of all... Fall!

I absolutely, 100% adore fall. I love being comfy and cozy. I love hot coffee from Starbucks or from my very own kitchen. I love piling blankets on the bed at night and that delicious camp fire smell in the air that just seems to come with the fall season.

And I love that my electricity bill is low, but my heating bill hasn't kicked in yet.  It's true.

Fall in Oklahoma is a bit like whiplash. One minute you're sweltering in 100+ degree heat, and the next- it's a cool 70 degrees outside. Fall literally happens in an instant- and lasts about as long as it takes to snap your fingers. So fall really is a month to be savored.

I spent a lot of time breathing in the camp fire air this week, thinking how thankful I am. Thankful for my job, my family, two strong legs to run on. For good friendships, even good coffee. For Maizy and my house. 

I worked early and long days this week, my house is a mess, and I will likely spend this weekend cooped up indoors, recovering from the past two weeks.... but I'm thankful.

I always feel reflective when a new season arrives. And unlike years past, I no longer mourn the season that has passed. I'm ready to say goodbye to Summer- not because it wasn't wonderful (well, except those 112 degree days. I mean, seriously!) but because it's time to savor the present and look toward the future.

Yes, that applies to so, so many areas of my life.

Here's to savoring fall!

And maybe keeping winter and her ice storms at bay a few more months. :)

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