Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here and Now

I've had a lot of quiet, reflective time lately. Mornings on my back patio, evenings to myself, car rides for thinking.

And singing. Lots of singing.

Sometimes I find myself so caught up in the future- anticipating what will be, how I'll get there.

And sometimes I find myself transported to the past- reflecting on what was, what will never be.

But in my quiet time, God is sending me a message, loud and clear: soak in the present.

It's not for me to know my future.

And it's not for me to change my past.

Not that I would have done it any differently; God's hand has been so evident in my life, every step of the way.

I took the above picture earlier this evening in the car (sorry, Dad- just a brief moment of texting & driving.) I think it perfectly sums up now, this moment in life.

The here and now is very, very good.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes you have to take a risk to find true beauty!
    Love, Dad


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