Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday, folks! Sunday is always a hard day to be in a different city... er, different state... than my family. I love the idea of going to church with my parents, lazing around the house, having an evening cook-out. Even though I know they aren't having these idyllic family Sundays... (at least every Sunday)... it's still hard being away on this particular day of the week.

Ah, well. I had a pretty perfect weekend! A baby shower on Saturday, drinks with a friend and a movie with another friend. Listen to me: go see Bridesmaids. You will laugh, a lot.

And today was pretty great, too. Laundry, a nice run along the river. A little flirtation with a frisbee golfer. Note to self: learn how to throw a frisbee to impress the cute boys.

So all in all, a great weekend! I desperately need these rejuvination weekends, especially after a grueling week at work. And increasingly, the weeks are becoming more and more grueling. I anticipate they will continue along this path until... the holidays? As in Thanksgiving? Christmas? Yikes.

There are some fun things in the works right now! Some big things are happening with my freelance projects- hopefully I can share soon. I was also just asked to produce a big happening here in town later this summer. Fun!

I think summer as a whole is going to be good to me this year. Last summer was the slow slide towards the "crash of 2010". I can't believe how much my life has changed in the past year- but I know so many good things are going to happen this summer.

And the best part? I will get to celebrate "one year"- since Toby's death, since so many things changed initially for the worse and ultimately for the better- in the beautiful city of San Diego with my mom & sister in August.

Life is good! Summer is good. Lake trips, lots of Cherry Berry, lots of idyllic family Sundays. And hopefully a few more cute frisbee golfers, too. :)

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