Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guilt, Guilt, Go Away

Happy Sunday, everyone! I worked 6 days this week- so I'm just soaking today, my one free day, up! Cleaning house, making Target runs, and of course... blogging. :)

Some days I feel like there is SO much on my plate- it almost makes my "off" days a little overwhelming. Days I'm not working 12 hours... I feel like I should be attending a meeting for a freelance project. Or out with my friends. Or working out. Or calling friends to catch up. Just anything to take advantage of those few precious hours of "freedom."

But no matter what- whether I'm working intense hours or laying on the couch after a long day- I feel guilty. Like having a full-time job is not enough of an excuse for the areas of life I'm not handling as well as I could.

I am definitely in a "work" season of life. For a long time I think I downplayed the importance of this season. Because, really, work- in a typical sense- falls pretty low on the priority spectrum of life. Family, friends, faith- it all comes first.

So I find myself apologizing when I cancel on people, or when I forget to make that long-distance phone call, or when I can't make the trip. When I'd rather lay on the couch then go out, or when I choose to spend time with one person over another.

But this season for me is so much more than work, in a typical sense. I'm becoming a smart business woman. I'm learning every day how to better manage my finances. I'm growing into leadership roles. I'm paving a career path. And, along the way, I'm making some lifelong friendships and learning some pretty important life lessons.

It's not marriage. It's not a new baby. But it's important life work. So I'm focusing on feeling less guilty... and embracing this season that I'm in.

All this to say- I have the best, most supportive friends and family. Most of the time the guilt I feel is self-imposed. Imagine that! :)

And when I make myself feel guilty, it adds to my stress level. Guilt and stress are like matches and gasoline, I tell ya.

My greatest prayer and goal this week is that I give myself a break. To not feel guilty when I "fail" in a few areas, to enjoy my downtime.

And to watch plenty of Housewives. :) (Quick poll: New Jersey, New York or Orange County?)


  1. Always Jersey! :) Have a great and guilt-free week!

  2. 4 Things-

    I am proud of you too!

    I watch all of them, but I just can't get enough of NYC! Can't wait for the Morocco episodes! Which reminds me...Mariah Carey named her daughter Moraccan?!?!?! Weird!!!

    I love this blog post and can totally relate in my own way.

    I love your blog in general bc I feel like I can see you whenever I want to no matter how far away you are or how long its been since we have talked! Always a pleasure to read:)


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