Friday, November 5, 2010

POST Blog Social

As a Dallas native, I follow a handful of amazing Dallas-based bloggers- including the lovely Kelly over at Fabulous K. (She designed my blog, you know!)

Last night, Fab K and Hello, Splendor hosted the POST Blog Social at The Nest Boutique in Dallas! I drove in from Tulsa, where my Volvo was promptly whisked away and I entered a world of gorgeous home decorations, cupcakes and champagne.

Heaven, you may ask? Pretty close!

First of all, the lovely ladies behind Fab K and Hello, Splendor were such a pleasure to meet! Check out their blogs... wow. What amazing talent these ladies have, and an eye for beautiful home decor!

Second, I walked around the store with my mom and sister in awe of the beautiful treaures- from coffee table books to candles, stationary to sparkling bling.

Here are a few of my favorites from the night...

I have it under good authority these bird salt & pepper shakers might show up under the Christmas tree this year. Just sayin'.

I was in awe of this entire wall. I love all things bird/nature related, so you can imagine I was obsessed with the twig frames, silver-branch vases, and more. (My sister promised to rummage around the yard and make me her very own version of the twig frame for half the price. That's love, people.)

These serving utensils are just gorgeous. I need these for my housewarming party. (Hint, hint.)

I have an odd crush on skeletons. I have a skeleton tank top that always makes me feel edgy when I wear it. I told my sister today over lunch that I want a really "pretty" house with skeleton accents.

I can't even replicate the look she gave me.

But, I love this skeleton candle! Pretty and edgy, yes?

And finally, this New York coffee table book. It's only one of my favorite cities, after all. And who doesn't love a good coffee table book?
I will say I left with one Christmas gift purchase in tow. But... it's a surprise. :)

Check out the Nest online! I guarantee you will find a Christmas present or two for the fabulous ladies in your life.
And thanks again to the wonderful hostesses- you guys pulled off a lovely event!


  1. Lindsay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming down for the blog social. It was great to meet you...we need to meet up next time you're in Dallas.

    Tell your mom and sis I said 'hello'! :)

  2. It’s great that so many small businesses are catching on to the power of local bloggers. What a great way to spread buzz! The store and the crowd were fantastic. It’s interesting to see that everyone's 5 favorite things are totally different from each other!

  3. Kelly, it was so great to meet you, too! I would love to meet up sometime in Dallas! And Cynthia, I agree- these blog socials are such a wonderful way for small businesses to get the word out! The power of local bloggers... I like it. :)

  4. It's amazing to see the things everyone found for the scavenger hunt. Sad that we didn't get the opportunity to meet.


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