Saturday, November 27, 2010

Miracle on 36th Street

I successfully hosted my first Thanksgiving!

Six people and one Border Collie spent three days and two nights in my cozy, two-bedroom home.

We ate. We played scrabble. We laughed. We saw Harry Potter. We lived on top of each other.

And they all ran out the door, crying and screaming this morning.

I kid! But seriously... everyone woke up and was totally over Thanksgiving and ready for Christmas.

And their own bed.

My mom stayed a few extra hours and helped me put the house back in order. And a miracle occurred on 36th Street: my house is clean, my fridge is stocked... and my Christmas tree is up!

Oh, did I mention 82% of my Christmas shopping is done?

Ok, bragging session over. :)


  1. Congratulations on hosting your first Thanksgiving. Careful, or it will become "your" holiday and they will be there every year! (kidding)

    I'm jealous you've got so much of your Christmas shopping done. I'm probably at 50% or so.

  2. Love your blog...I also have a miracle on my 36th street....that is 90% of my christmas shopping is done as well! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Ha, thanks for the warning, Cindy! Hopefully I can avoid hosting another major holiday for a while. :) And Hanieh... so funny we both live on 36th street! Jealous of your 90%...!


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