Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where I'm Going

Hey guys! It's been so long since I last blogged.... that I forgot my log-in password. I just went through a series of passwords to get here.  Oh well; getting here is half the battle!

It's been a busy, non-stop, breathless whirlwind of a 2013 so far; and we're only a quarter of the way through! But, somewhere late January- I had a mindset change. Instead of constantly trying to find more balance, stay put more often, and say "no" to more projects (ha, yeah right)- I just embraced the fact that this is the season of life I'm in. It's busy, I'm on the go a lot, I'm on the road a lot. But I want to stop trying to change that- and embrace the madness for a bit.

Because... to be honest..... I like it that way. There will be a season of my life where I stay put. This is the season of life to go.

And oh, has that mindset change opened windows and doors to me. Now, all I want to do is go! A quick drive to Dallas here, a flight to Boston there, a swing through Stillwater or Norman. Biking, volunteering, staying out too late with friends, waking up too early to do it all again. God has led me to this very point in my life; who am I to try and fight it?

Having said that, I thought I'd play a little catch-up here on the blog. It's going to be my "Who/What/Where I'm...." series.

Starting with.... "Where I'm Going."


I've spent a lot of time.... high above the clouds.....

... landing in dreamy destinations. Like Miami. Where a shrimp salad and a mojito make everything right.

Oh, and an afternoon on the beach isn't that bad.


A perfect beach hat is always a must.


I'm trying to get better at taking "selfies."  True story- I kept thinking someone was REALLY close behind me in this picture. But, it was just my reflection in the mirror. It truly scared me multiple times; my sister witnessed this charade.

Sister love! SO glad she was in Miami with me! Especially because I developed a bad case of vertigo on our way home. She was such a rock star, getting me onto the plane and getting me home.

About a month later, I traded in the warm beaches of Miami.... for a snowy skyline in Boston!


After two solid days of conferences for Gamma Phi Beta, my mom & I toured this beautiful, old city. And fell in love.

They had a FOX station! (And yes, I'm a TV nerd.)


They also had a tribute to Ducks Crossing! (The little girl "riding" the duck in this picture wouldn't move, ha.)

So glad my mom came with me on this trip. We had to end our weekend with a glass of wine at Anthem.

The view from our hotel room. Boston, I will be back.

Whew! Someone was VERY happy when I finally returned home.
I also squeezed in a trip to Kansas City (another Gamma Phi conference), a trip to the lake- and multiple trips to Dallas in the last few months.

And.... even though I'm embracing this busy season.... the fact that I have NO travel plans for a solid month... makes me very happy! :)

Who I'm seeing, what I'm eating/drinking, what I'm listening to..... all coming up in this little catch-up series of mine. Stay tuned!

And happy Wednesday!


  1. Glad you are back and I think the mind shift is great! This truly is the time to go! Trust me, there will be a time where you stay put a little more! And I think no matter where anyone is in life, we are always striving for balance! Loved seeing your pics and hearing about your adventures! Lets phone date soon! Love ya!

  2. SOOO happy to see the "update"......I have so missed your written words! Also, soooo glad I was a part of one of your recent adventures! Luv ya!


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