Friday, April 26, 2013

Gift of Health

Happy Friday!

This week felt like an eternity! Mainly because I had a full-blown sinus infection all week. I'm just now beginning to smell, hear and taste normally again. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Also- "Sweeps" is officially underway in the TV world. That's a big ratings period that happens four times a year. May is a big one. So... work is demanding. Always! But especially so for the next month.

One of the hardest things about getting sick is putting everything on hold. Your life is trucking along at a good pace- ok, not just good, an insanely busy pace. But then- it comes to a screeching halt so you can do everything it takes to feel better. No errands. Definitely no working out. It took everything I had just to put a newscast on the air every night.

But, I'm so much better. Now that I can breathe again, I'm going for my first bike ride in a week tomorrow. And it can't come soon enough!

Just little reminders to slow down. Our bodies can't always keep up with our to-do list!

Feeling under the weather always reminds me what a gift and privilege health is. I'm so passionate about eating the right foods- not LESS food- the right food. Ones that nourish and keep us strong. I'm passionate about exercise- the physical benefits, and the mental ones too.

And even though I sit at a desk most of the day- ok, ALL day once I get to work- I love to spend my mornings outdoors. Fresh air, exercise. Good breakfast.

I really think that living a healthy lifestyle helps you heal faster, too- from sickness, even heartache!

Good health is a gift- and not one to be taken for granted!

Hope you have a great weekend- full of lots of fresh air and sunshine!

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