Saturday, April 6, 2013

What I'm Wearing

Ah, the weekend! A Saturday at home... such a rare thing these days! So I'm making the most of it. Heading out the door for a run along the river, followed by errands and a much-needed Girls Night Out tonight!

But I'm not in a big hurry; I'm perfectly content to sip my coffee a bit longer, and of course write the latest installment in my "What I'm..." series. Not a catchy name for a series, I know, but... it's too the point.

So, today.... "What I'm Wearing!"

I bought a grey infinity scarf last year- or mom bought it for me? can't remember- that I absolutely adore and wear everywhere. It's warm and comfy; but I'm trying to tell myself it works for spring, too. It's cold at work?!  (Also, I take emo pictures on the airplane every now & then.)

I'm getting a LOT of wear and tear out of these- my first official pair of bike shoes. I love them! They "clip in" to my bike pedals, which help me push myself faster. Being connected to my bike, and all that.

Which means I'm also wearing a few more of these.... scraped knees! I've fallen on my bike twice since getting my clip-ins; fortunately, I was at a standstill and just tipped over.


I lived in Texas for 11 years, and I've been in Oklahoma for 11 years. And yet I just got my first pair of cowboy boots for Christmas. I LOVE them.

I tried out this look, too; so cute! In fact, I may need a manicure today....

This tri suit of mine is also getting some good use. I competed in two indoor triathlons- one in January, one in February. I tell ya- it's so nice to jump out of the pool and straight onto the bike, no extra attire needed.

I'm basically living in leggings these days. These leggings are my favorite; black and gray. My coworker likes to remind me that leggings aren't pants; I beg to differ.  Also, my best friend's son took this picture of me. He's so precious.

I'm loving curly hair these days, I think because my hair is SO long. My sister and I tried out Dry Bar in Dallas, where they only do blow-outs. It was so luxurious.

This is me waiting for race results after a triathlon; but I'm wearing my favorite purple Northface jacket that has been worn non-stop the past three months.
Basically, I'm starting a clothing line of fashionable workout clothes that can transition from working out.... to running errands... to going to work. It will include jackets, leggings, and a variety of shoes. Imagine: bike shoes that can turn into running shoes that can turn into high heels! Who's in?!

In a doctor's office dress/shirt. Sometimes I take self portraits to make myself less nervous. I was nervous.
I also went to a sorority conference in Boston, where it was mandatory to take photo booth pictures in crab hats. So, DUH, we did.

Another thing I'm wearing and LOVING these days? Alex & Ani bracelets. We discovered them in Boston. ALL of the girls have an armful of these adorable bracelets, that come with different charms. My mom & I hunted down the store and bought ourselves some bling. My collection is starting to grow!

I'm also loving red lips. I think red lips are a must for black and white outfits, a night out on the town, or catching a Muse concert- as I was shortly after this photo was snapped.
Are you loving scarves & leggings? Workout attire 24/7? A new cute pair of heels?  Cowboy boots?
Whatever you're wearing- have a perfect Saturday!

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