Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I'm Eating & Drinking

So, yesterday I started a quick "catch-up" series on my life lately. We started with "Where I'm Going." I've had the joy of seeing some really cool places this year; and it's only April!

And in those cool places... I've had some DELICIOUS meals. And divine drinks. And more clam chowder than one person should really ever eat, ever. Especially in a 3 day span.

Um, hello! I was in Boston! When in Rome, right?!

So today, my little series continues with "What I'm Eating/Drinking."  It may seem odd to dedicate an entire post to food and drinks; but a healthy breakfast, drinks with friends, a Starbucks on the way to work- those are all "life" moments I'd rather not pass over!

My favorite breakfast of 2013. Cinnamon toast, Trader Joe's raspberry jam, one egg over easy. Breakfast of champions.

My "Joy The Baker" smoothie! My co-workers fondly reference this as my "gross green drink." But, it's delicious. Try it.

More toast. This time with a homemade Matcha tea latte (um, yum!) and the latest issue of This Land Press.

Moving into the coffee portion of the post! Starbucks fueled me on many of my trips this year.
Nothing like an iced coffee before a long day producing.
And.... a coffee to treat myself after an indoor sprint triathlon. I find Maizy & The Pioneer Woman are also a great way to unwind! :)

This meal.... I could eat this entire meal again every day of my life. Until I got tired of it, of course. But I always look at this picture, and my mouth starts watering. Clam chowder in Boston; and the "clam casino"... basically a baked clam cake inside of a clam shell with lemon squeezed on top.
Oh. my. word.

I followed up that meal with a vanilla birthday cake Georgetown cupcake.
That place is famous for a reason!

And of course, happy hour. If Boston is the place to go for clam chowder... Miami is the place to go for a great cocktail. Wine at the hotel....

..... drinks at the Fountainbleau hotel....

.... and back to Tulsa, for a beer with friends after work.

So there you go, my year so far in food and drink!

Hungry yet?


  1. Now I am thinking about clam chowder.........oh my! It was delish!!

  2. I LOVED THIS POST!!!!!! I want to know what has had you traveling so much!!

  3. nevermind lol! I just read your previous post :)


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