Monday, May 21, 2012

A Year From Now

It's so comforting to me that life just carries on, day after day. Maybe that's where my "date nostalgia" comes from- where I am constantly reflecting on where we were "a year ago today." Do you do that? My friends claim they find it annoying- but they love it, deep down. That reminder of where we've been, how quickly time flies by.

Wait, does anyone like to remember how quickly time flies by?! Huh... maybe that's why they hate it.

Oh well. I love remembering. I love reflecting. And it's not because I have this huge fascination for the past. I just think to myself, "wow, if that was a year ago... where will we be a year from now?"

So really, it's excitement for the future! Take that, nay-saying friends of mine.

All this to say, time is flying by. 2012 seems like such a blur! And milestones are passing in the blink of an eye. My Maizy turned 1. Don't worry, I won't go down the whole "a year ago" road on that- but seriously! Just think for a minute what your life was like... a year ago.

... OK, moving on.

Life carries on, and we see how quickly it's all flying by, and so we soak up every single moment of it- good and bad.

For example?

I'm already a week into my new job, and feeling more confident by the day.

That sprint triathlon that seemed so far away? It's THIS weekend!

I'm hoping I'm not still sore by Saturday. I water skied this weekend for the first time in a year at my friend Hilary's bachelorette party at the lake.

Her bachelorette party! Time, flying.

And just a few short weeks ago, I went camping with some of my favorite people on this Earth. My first real tent camping experience!

Our campsite was lovingly selected by my friend Bonnie. She scouted out several areas ahead of time and this was her favorite. See the lake in the background? Divine.

See that table? It held: Food. Alcohol. Snacks. Beer. Hummus. Chips. Marshmallows. Chocolate. Chicken. Brats. Potatoes. Eggs. Bacon. Beer. Sangria mix. More chips. You get the picture. We obviously loved that table.

It rained on us every day- but no one minded. It kept things cool- and made for some pretty breath-taking views.

Some of the gang! I love these people. We had a blast. And we're going again!

So yes, life is flying by- but memories are being made. Big changes are happening- but new normals are being established.

It might seem like a blur- so I'm soaking up every single second.

And a year from now? It can wait!

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