Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When I was offered the new job at FOX, I knew one of the biggest adjustments would be my work hours.

Which is funny, because I've never worked "normal" hours- my whole career! I worked overnight for two years at KTUL, then I worked 12-14 hour days at Auction Network. 8-5 just isn't in the cards for me!

My new work shift is 1p-10p. (My show airs from 9pm-9:45ish.) So I knew that would mean a few sacrifices: no more mid-week girls' night dinner; no more swimming on Tuesday nights; no more watching "my shows" live; no more happy hour.

But as the days go on, I'm really enjoying this shift.

I found myself burning out really quickly this year. Long hours, early days- it was hard on me. I constantly battled being sick- and I'm never sick. My long days were taking a toll on me physically, mentally.

Now, I get to sleep in a little. Sleep in! I haven't done that in years! I'm up by 8:30, feeling pretty refreshed. I have my entire morning for a long work-out; quiet time & coffee on my patio. I can meet friends for lunch, or go to a freelance business meeting- during actual work hours!

And by the time I walk through the doors at FOX, I'm ready to tackle my show.

It's been an amazingly nice change of pace for me. I'm feeling more refreshed. I feel healthy- I have time to work out, relieve stress, get fit. Actually sleep for more than 6 hours at a time. I can spend an uninterrupted half hour with my devotional. A nice change of pace, indeed.

As you've probably noticed, I also have time to blog again!

I'm currently reading a great devotional on desire. I'm only a short way in- so I won't get detailed on it yet- but it's stirring something in me.

Life can become stagnant, hum-drum. Routine. God has rocked the boat for me a bit this year, and now he's reminding me that life is for living!

Not only do I feel refreshed physically- but I'm being reignited mentally and spiritually, too.

It's a good feeling!

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