Monday, February 27, 2012


One of the best things about living a healthy lifestyle is being able to read your body when you are unhealthy.

Seems like an odd statement, right?

Yesterday, I posted about how my body was dragging a bit... busy few months, etc. And between that post and now, I went from dragging a bit to being fully dragged down! I have a major cold. The aches, the sore throat, the constant runny nose. Trying to avoid strep, a sinus infection.

When I fall, I fall hard!

I usually spend the first few hours of being sick in full denial. I tossed and turned all night. I woke up early, convinced myself to take a shower for work. Decided work wasn't going to happen. Took a nap so I could make a lunch meeting. Decided that wasn't going to happen, either.

I probably should go ahead and cancel my evening plans, huh?

I got auto-immune hepatitis when I was a teenager, the product of taking a daily medication that my body didn't like very much. Since then, I've been very conscious of what goes into my body. My mom can tell you how hard it is to get me to take Advil sometimes!

I like learning how my body ticks; what makes me feel good, what doesn't. Learning what the warning signs are, preventing sickness- or taking the right steps to get better. I like to do most of this naturally, without medicine. I'm not against it- and everyone's body is different. I just like to take a more organic approach, if I can.

So for today, I'm letting the responsibilities fall away. I'm about to take my second nap of the day. I'm going to stay warm- soups, teas, steamy showers, comfy blankets. Let nature take it's course, listen to my body, and let myself crash for a day.

But if tomorrow- my birthday, of all days!- rolls around and the mound of Kleenex keeps growing... I'm going straight to the doctor and leaving with a prescription!

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