Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid & Cops

I knew the second the cop pulled behind me I was going to get pulled over. On Valentine's Day!  Broken tail light? Nope. Artwork gone awry? Never! Expired tags? Ding ding ding.

10 hours earlier, I drove to work in a misty-romantic? spooky? foreboding?- fog. I worked a long day. We lost power for two hours at work, missing multiple auction broadcasts; people in the broadcasting world know that losing airtime is never good. I got a mysterious eye infection. Put a fork in me; I was done.

 And as I headed home, I decided to go pick up a birthday present for a friend.

You always think about that when you get pulled over. If I had left 5 minutes earlier.....

Yes, my tags were expired. Yes, I knew it- but I kept forgetting to get it taken care of. Yes, I moved, and the notice to remind me to get my tags renewed never made it to my new address.

The officer kindly tells me he could- he should- tow my car. Expired tags are serious, folks.

But he didn't- which I am truly thankful for- and then said, "Is someone at home going to be mad you didn't get this taken care of?"

I informed him I was a single gal, thankyouverymuch, and that it slipped off my radar.

Single girls love explaining their single-minded slip-ups on Valentine's Day, in case you wondered.

Also today, I stumbled across a Bible verse in my devotional for the second time in two weeks. A verse I love to the core. I got a surprise Starbucks gift card. I ran three glorious miles. And I enjoyed- ahem, am enjoying- a rare, celebratory glass of week-night wine.

At the end of the day, it's simply another day. Break-ups happen. Break downs occur. Patience runs low and tags expire. But the fog always clears to a sunny day- and every day is a good day to say I love you.

....Although next year, I'll opt for Cupid instead of the cops.

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