Sunday, March 4, 2012

Auction-Cold-Birthday-Awards Show-Week!

Wow... this week.

Do I sound like a broken record yet?! Every week seems to be busier than the week before. And this week was seriously no exception!

But in the past 10 days, I have spent time with friends & family, eaten copies amounts of cake & champagne, worked hard, played hard. So, can't complain.

Although my body did plenty of complaining in a knock-you-out-on-the-couch-for-24-hours kind of way earlier this week.

We'll get to that.

First- pictures from last Friday's "Single in the City" auction!

My sister, mom, me & dad before the auction got underway.

My friend Leah, my sister, and my friend & co-worker Bonnie before I hit the stage. I'm getting really nervous at this point....

... so why not dance?!

Then we calmed down long enough to take a real picture.

 My favorite & only dad- happy birthday this week, dad! (We're celebrating at the lake house- I can't wait!)

And my pretty mom in her lacy top!

Moments after I was "sold" at auction (proceeds go to charity! That makes it less crazy... right?) we headed back to my house for cake & champagne.

What an amazing birthday! And to top it off, my big present:

I've had my eye on this West Elm desk forEVER and it looks just perfect in my office! In fact, I'm sitting at this little beauty right now.

So after all of the weekend fun, I came down with a MISERABLE cold that left me couch-ridden all day Monday. And Tuesday, my actual birthday, I rallied and made it in to work. I kicked off 28 with a runny nose, a fever, a sore throat.

Fortunately, I recovered in time to produce a great event Thursday night I've been working on for weeks. The Tulsa Press Club Newsies Awards! (Essentially the "people's choice awards" for local media.)

Julie Chin (in the pink) is a former meteorologist in town and a current superstar- she emceed the event! It was a joy to work with her. (Check out her blog!) Andrea Myers was the lead on the whole evening, and she did an amazing job. It was a big success!

The Auction Network production team was (mostly) all in attendance. Lots of talent!

And now this weekend, I enjoyed a a girls night out with new friends, a ranch auction for work & drinks around a cozy fire.

2012, you are busy. And I'm embracing that. But you are also SO full and rich! I'm trying to soak up every day of it.

Here's to another busy week, I'm sure!

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